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In American historical fiction "the reigning champion is Max Byrd."
—Pulitzer Prize winner Joseph Ellis in the New York Times

New Books:

Pont Neuf

Available in audiobook
Coming in print in June 2020
Pont Neuf

In the summer of 1944, Annabella "Annie" March, a young American woman, arrives in France intending to write about the war. But when she finds herself overshadowed by her sometimes-mentor, sometimes-rival Martha Gellhorn—and Gellhorn's troublesome husband, the novelist Ernest Hemingway—Annie turns to photography in search of the professional gratification she's looking for.

"In every sense, Pont Neuf is thrilling."
   —Roger Rosenblatt, New York Times best-selling author of MAKING TOAST and KAYAK MORNING

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The Sixth Conspirator

The Sixth Conspirator

Max's new novel is The Sixth Conspirator. This is an historical thriller—and love story—centered around the little known American State Department secret mission to Europe in 1867, on the trail of the last of the conspirators who assassinated Abraham Lincoln (all true!). It takes the reader from Washington to Montreal to London, Rome, and finally, climactically to the dangerous, romantic streets of Paris.

"[A] sophisticated historical novel... witty... elegant storytelling...."
   —The Wall Street Journal

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Max has a short story ("Arizona") in the new edition of the Santa Monica Review, Spring 2020.
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Great News! All of Max's earlier novels are being reprinted! They're available now in beautiful new paperbacks or in ebook form.

The three novels about American presidents are republished by Random House. Each one has a new feature at the back written by Max just for these editions. Very suitable for book clubs and discussion groups.

Grant Jefferson Jackson

And Max's early detective novels and thrillers have been reissued from Turner Publishing as gorgeous new paperbacks.

California Thriller Fly Away Jill Finders Weepers Target of Opportunity Fuse Time

Historical fiction—telling dramatic stories about real people and events from the past—may be our oldest literary genre.

In the Western tradition, historical fiction probably begins with the Iliad. After that it is a very rich field indeed: Shakespeare wrote history plays, Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, and Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote historical fiction, War and Peace is an epic historical novel.

Max Byrd's acclaimed historical novels concern both real and invented characters. The settings are authentic, the story-telling dramatic. The Associated Press says that his novel Grant, about the last years of Ulysses S. Grant, "is typical of what Byrd does so well—combine a minimum of fictional characters with splendid research, vivid imagination, and above all, historical accuracy to portray a truthful profile of a famous American."


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